For SAMCA Group, sustainability involves our commitment to achieve financial success based on protecting the environment and people by using efficient production processes that minimize energy and water consumption, emissions and waste and which protect health and safety at the workplace.

The Group shows a firm social commitment and a constant effort to make all our industrial activities sustainable and environmentally friendly. Research, development and innovation continuously apply new improvement techniques to minimize environmental impact and integrate the restored areas back into their natural habitats.

In the development of our mining, where initial impact on the landscape is inevitable, it is unthinkable for this activity not to include a careful restoration of the affected land. In a few years, the land recovers traditional uses: once again, cereal crops and fruit trees make up the landscape, livestock graze on the mountainside pastures, and the fauna and flora of the surrounding area is reestablished. This concept is also extended to all our different industrial plants and to our renewable energy facilities.