Industrial minerals

Euroarce is the raw materials division for the ceramic industry. Its production sites also supply minerals to the glass, foundry, refractory, sport fields and agriculture sectors. It groups together more than twenty mining sites and valorization plants. The main minerals that are extracted and commercialized are: clays, feldspars, kaolins, sands and micas. Euroarce Minería, Cantera Amparo, Minera del Duero and Sica are the companies devoted to mining operations.

The production and the marketing in major ceramic sectors are done through different companies. Euroarce Materias Primas S.L. in Ariño (Teruel), grinds, refines and calcines clays and kaolins. Euroarce S.r.l. in Civita Castellana (Viterbo, Italy), produces bodies and glazes for sanitaryware ceramics; in addition to this SAMCA Onda and Euroarce Ceramics in Onda (Castellón), are specialized in processing raw materials and spray-dried bodies for wall and floor tiles.